Patent Certification Registration

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ISO 6001

Manufacture and sales of mist-type atomizer and ultra-fine particle spreader (Quality Management System)


Ace Certification Institute

circle registration

quality management business

No. J01-0521

Korean Standards Association

venture company

Technology evaluation guarantee company


Technology Guarantee Fund

Regular member

Korea International Trade Association member company


Korea International Trade Association

insurance policy

Product liability insurance


Hanwha General Insurance

technical alliance

Signed technical cooperation MOU

Chonbuk National University

Auto Parts Mold Innovation Center

member company

Intensive training support company

No. 2012-05

Jeonbuk Techno Park

ISO 14001

Manufacture and sale of mist-type atomizer, ultra-fine particle spreader (Environmental Management System)


Ace Certification Institute

KSA Supreme

mist sprayer

No. 11040

Korean Standards Association

KSA Supreme

portable nebulizer

No. 11041

Korean Standards Association

KSA Supreme

Entrance vehicle sterilizer

No. 11042

Korean Standards Association

Electrical safety certification

Electrical and Electronic Safety Certification Company


Korea Chemical Fusion Testing Institute

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