Business Areas

Military/Government/School/Enterprise Specialized System Prevention/ Development of emergency decontamination system equipment for biological warfare Development of zero boat for disinfection and decontamination for quarantine Development of patent system for air purification function device Mist spray type quarantine unmanned automated disinfection equipment/ Specialized disinfection/disinfection of highly pathogenic viruses and bacteria Quick response to foot-and-mouth disease and avian influenza disaster Virus prevention and destruction of livestock breeding facilities Insecticide sterilization deodorant for quarantine disinfection / Research and development of natural disinfectants and various quarantine equipment/

Sterilizer professional for viruses

7-dong, Jeonju Advanced Machinery Venture Complex, 67, Yusang-ro, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do
Phone number 063-211-0365
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